The short form AIOU stands for Allama Iqbal Open University. Pakistan’s most prestigious educational hub has been offering remote academic courses for people who need help enrolling with other institutions due to the non-availability of the university in their city or village or any other genuine reasons. Every year thousands of students register with the university, and thousands pass their final degree exams and join professional life.

The AIOU admission is a blessing for every student living in cities that don’t have universities. Online education is the only option that people living in remote areas have. The university of education offers a long list of AIOU courses to spread the light of education in a country where half the population is illiterate. AIOU University is situated in Islamabad and has been operating for decades now. It was functional when internet use was not very common in Asian countries, and all the correspondence with the university was done through the postal system.

Problems That Students Face When Solving AIOU Assignment Papers.

Like all the other universities, the students of AIOU face many difficulties when solving assignments. Students with Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and PhD.s face many problems compared to those of other courses. The students usually need help understanding the subject matter and the questions asked. In many cases, the students fail, and the reason behind this failure is not abiding by the rules set by the institution and the use of copied content. The future of thousands of students depentods upon the AIOU result, and the AIOU assignment paper is one of the essential parts of AIOU courses. Many students who need help to afford to hire AIOU assignment tutors make the severe mistake of using AIOU assignments solved to write their works, and this results in plagiarism content.

Plagiarism is considered an offense in many Pakistani universities, so it is discouraged, and the copied assignments get rejected, and students fail. According to experts, when it comes to Allama Iqbal Open University, the management is so vigilant and strict that the students should stay miles away from Allama Iqbal open university assignment papers as the students might have to face the embarrassment of failure due to copied content. Allama Iqbal’s open university solved assignment has already ruined the unaware students’ careers. Many students have joined the AIOU master academy to get help in assignment writing.


There is a well-defined set of rules set by the management of Allama Iqbal Open University that every student, regardless of the degree he is studying for, must follow. The following is a brief introduction to some of those rules.

  • Avoid purchased assignments, assignments copied from Internet sources or colleagues, and copies from travel guides. (While writing from a book or internet source, please paraphrase the content in your own words).
  • Note that the similarity of the tasks may result in liability if you fail this task.
  • Do not use word-spinning software or multiple translations to rephrase, as this will change the meaning and context of the sentence.
  • Please include inline references in your answer and provide a reference list of resources you consulted according to his APA handbook at the end of each question. Assignments 1 and 2 must be upload separately by the deadline. Do not upload Assignments 1 and 2 as combined files.
  • Make sure you are sending the correct file to the right location. H. Task 1 in the LMS Task 1 tab.
  • Keep the file size as small as possible for easy upload/download.
  • Typewriter tasks should be submit in MS Word or PDF format. You can even scan handwritten tasks and upload them in PDF format. Note the following points for such scans:
  • We recommend using a scanner to scan assignments. When using Cam Scanner on your mobile phone, make sure the surface you want to check is flat on the surface. Crop and straighten as necessary to create a PDF file.
  • Make sure the scan quality is good, and the text is clear and easy to understand. Use a dark ink pen or ballpoint pen to ensure good scan quality.
  • Scan one page per sheet instead of scanning two pages per sheet.
  • Double-check the scan quality and make sure all pages are legible, scanned entirely, and nothing is missing.
  • Enter the student and tutor credentials on the first page of the assignment.
  • Remember that you must write the assignment. If multiple handwritings are found, you will be held accountable if you fail to complete the task.
  • Tips for submission of perfect assignments
  • Some universities allow their students to hire writing services to complete their assignments on time. But it is always advisable to write your AIOU assignment¬†independently. The following are some tips that may prove helpful when writing your assignments.

¬†Don’t Copy The Textbook Content In Your Assignments

1- You can never get good grades on assignments copied from textbooks. Textbooks are only essential resources for understanding subject concepts.

Research Is A Must.

2- You must conduct extensive research to expand your knowledge about every concept you teach or mention in your textbook. You can use the internet blessing to acquire all the knowledge you need.

Proper Understanding Of The Question

3- Most assignment questions and topics consist of specific functional words or keywords. These words will help you understand the question and how it should be answer. However, most students need help understanding the intent of the problem and miswrite the paper. This is for clarity after writing an example challenge.

Read Assignment Writing Instructions Carefully

4- When you start writing your assignment, read all the instructions about mentioned on top of the paper very carefully.

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