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The Culture Of Pakistan-Essay on Cultural Studies

Pakistan’s culture is very complex since what is now Pakistan has been invaded and occupied by many people in the past, such as the white Huns, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Mongols, and many other classes. The culture of Pakistan is different. In their dress food and religion, it is among the various ethnic groups in matters and also pre-Islamic customs vary from Islamic practices. Pakistan is the first region in South Asia to have the full influence of Islam and the growth of Islamic identity.



Religion is not only the pillar of Pakistan’s, social structure but also an important force that can provide a meeting ground for all Pakistan’s regional cultures. In Pakistan, there are many religions like Islam, Hinduism, Christian, and many other religions. But Islam is the main religion in Pakistan and having the majority of 95.98% of people.



There are many multi-language people who live in Pakistan like here the Urdu is considered the main language which can be spoken by the majority of people and the majority of people understand Urdu. Sindhi, English, Arabic, Pashto, and many other languages are also spoken in Pakistan. To such an extent that speakers and listeners come together at one cultural level, a shared language might establish natural understanding.



A combination of Urdu and English literature has been the literature of Pakistan since its birth. But Pakistani literature also develops in other provincial and regional languages as time progresses. It has lush fertile plains, hot deserts, stunning valleys, snow-covered mountains, and majestic coastline in a range of physical contours. Pakistan has a rich cultural heritage due to a wide range of physical characteristics, customs, rituals, and practices of people living in different regions.


Pakistan’s geography is a mixture of south Asia, central Asia, and West Asia, which means Pakistan’s culture is much different from the rest of the countries. Increasing globalization has enhanced the pressure of western society and culture in Pakistan, a mixture of Islamic, regional, English, and global influences. Access to Western goods, culture, and food is fast. There are many essay writing services in Pakistan from which you can know many things about Pakistan culture.


People are friendly to each other

Non-urban regions of Pakistan have varying levels of gender segregation due to Islamic and tribal factors, while big cities often have restrictive norms in terms of male-female interactions. In a non-platonic way, couples typically don’t hug or kiss in public. The people of Pakistan are helpful, polite, open, and humble, regardless of that.


Pakistanis are fond of music

Pakistanis are fond of music, every people like different types of music like some people are fond of classical music, some are fond of pop music and so on. Pakistani society, from folk singing to pop music, is rich in music. Traditional Pakistani music. In northern areas, Afghan music is also popular. The diverse society, along with languages and literature, has introduced Pakistani musicians to many different literary forms and styles. Qawwali and Ghazal are the auditory jewels of the country. Building on that, Pakistani TV shows have gathered millions of foreign and local fans, from non-Pakistanis to non-Urdu speakers, such as Coke Studio.

Pakistan has many famous singers like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and many others, and people are even die-hard fans of them, their voice, where people can listen to their music all the time.


Family bonds are stronger

In Pakistan culture, the family is the first priority for every people. Their bond is much stronger with families and they think everything is after the family. It means the first family than anything else. Due to religious, cultural, economic, and societal values, friendship comes first in Pakistan. Pakistani society, where family and other relationships are solid, is not led by individualism, but rather by collectivism.



There are many sports that can be played in Pakistan. like cricket, hockey, badminton, table tennis, and many other games. But hockey is the national game of Pakistan. many people love to play cricket and here we have many champions in every sport. Sports help Pakistanis. Hockey is their national game, but it’s more like cricket and soccer. A lot of world-renowned sportsmen come from Pakistan.



In history, Pakistan produced gem poets. Allama Iqbal, one of the most important names in poetry, was from Pakistan. The majority of the poetry is written in Urdu, but Pakistani poetry can be used in provincial and regional languages.



Sufism is more likely in Pakistan, people would love to listen to it. Because Sufism gives relaxation and it fresh our minds. In Pakistan, orthodox Islam and Islamic mysticism are both prevalent, but sometimes, hard-line clerics who adopt the Wahhabi school of thought reject the mysticism or Sufism tradition that has added great beauty to the country’s already unique Islamic flavor.



Food is the main thing of any country because most of the time, We have seen people love some countries because their food is very delicious. So Pakistan is one of the countries whose food is very delicious and here you find any type of food even it is Mexican, Chinese or any type of dish. You can find it in Pakistan and it will be very delicious and most people of Pakistan are fond of chicken, mutton, fish beef, people even can’t live without eating all these items but in the month of Ramadan, fasting is the main first priority of people.


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